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Vision and Values

Acer Trust Charter

Working together to create great places to learn and work

Our Charter is a statement of our vision, principles and values, ensuring that the Trust remains true to the founding principles of our collaborative partnership as it grows over time. By working together with a common purpose of improving learning for all, we can ensure an excellent education for all the learners in our Trust. We believe that the best schools broaden horizons and open doors for children into the futures and opportunities of their dreams.

We hold children at the centre of our thinking

The Trust’s overriding purpose is to focus on securing the well-being and success of all pupils and students in its Trust schools by providing an excellent education with a focus on the development of the individual as well as on improving educational outcomes for every child, preparing them for a successful progression for the next step in their life, ultimately becoming active, engaged citizens.

We base our Trust on trust

The Acer Trust is based on trust with open, honest relationships between each of our partners supporting a developmental culture which complements individual school self-evaluation to enable rapid improvements in all the partner schools.

We work together to strengthen already high quality teaching and learning by creating opportunities to share practice; to improve progress and outcomes for all children in our schools; and to support other schools within and beyond the Trust in the spirit of partnership.

We look outwards as well as inwards

We actively seek to work with external organisations to share and further improve our practice and the opportunities we offer to our children.

We work with local and national networks or organisations in order to ensure that we are informed by best practice and are continually improving. Working with other professional partners encourages innovation; challenges our thinking; enables practitioners to develop by learning with and from the best; and ensures that we are providing the best possible education for every student.

Our Values

The values of the Acer Trust underpin everything we do. We are a learning organisation and the values are for all learners in the Trust: pupils and students; staff; governors and trustees; parents and carers.

  • Trust: schools and individuals collaborate in an open and honest manner, and act in the best interests of all children educated in the partner schools;
  • Collaboration: all partners have a contribution to make to the Trust, as well as a collective responsibility for the success of the Trust. All partners play an active role in ensuring the success of all learners in the Trust;
  • Opportunity: all learners, both students and adults, benefit from the range of opportunities provided by being a part of the Acer Trust.

Shaping Things Together

Botley School
“Botley has a wonderfully diverse community and we celebrate what makes us unique as well as our common values and experiences.”
Mrs Jo Reid
Chalgrove Community Primary School
"Our school is creative, vibrant and a great place to learn. As a school we encourage individuality and independence."
Ms Sam Gillion
Glory Farm Primary School
"Our school is a learning community, where learning together to ensure every child is the best they can be is at the heart of everything we do."
Mrs J. MacLachlan
Icknield Community College
''The focus of our school has always been to provide excellent teaching that meets the needs of every individual."
Mat Hunter
Matthew Arnold School
"Matthew Arnold School is a great school where learning really matters and where students are supported to flourish in their academic and personal lives."
Mr Anthony Broadley
Stadhampton Primary School
"We promote a culture that is welcoming and supportive, allowing each child to build confidence and social networks that become the foundation stones of successful learning."
Emma Charnock
The Cooper School
"At The Cooper School, we believe in shaping a future where every child can flourish. Our school is built on strong relationships, ambition for every learner and a broad curriculum".
Dr. R Whannel
Watlington Primary School
"Our children are motivated by and engaged in their learning and it is that enthusiasm that creates the buzz that is felt in every classroom every day."
Gemma Sterjo
Wood Green School
"We motivate all students to learn new skills and to do community service in their own time, and our students are recognised for the work they do in the local area."
Mr Rob Shadbolt